Monday, November 10, 2008

Skate Land

Getting together to skate is so much fun. I am glad we got to do that. Grandpa is so silly when he gets to be a kid. Hey just watch some of the videos at the bottom you will see how much fun we had.

Skating makes me tired

Love to skate

Skating makes me GOOFY

And I get to babysit

I love my Maw Maw
And I love to take pictures
Even at the skating ring


Tanya said...

It is amazing how we get so much enjoyment out of going around and around on a square cement floor on wheels.
Looks like everyone had a ton of fun, I wish we could have been there.

Kelsey said...

Hey Debra! I haven't seen you in forever. I guess the last time I saw you was at Bryce's baby shower and Bekah was just a few weeks old I think. Man, time flies. I can't believe how big your girls are! Sarah could be your twin in that top picture.