Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Who's There?

Who's there? Hey are you watching us. Oh, You need to know about us. Well, we are still in Kyle, Texas and still living in our RV. Nothing will change until January when we start looking for a home. We chose to live in an RV because Rusty got a job with a company that would be mobile. A few months ago he got a promotion that would keep in Austin. So we have done some investigating around Austin. And, we have found a few homes that we are considering. But it all takes time. Tick tock, tick tock. I think I am about ready to find us a home, and have room. The RV is okay but it is a little cramped at times. I am still homeschooling the girls and love it. I don't think I would do it any other way. I have really had lots of time to bond with the girls. Speaking of the girls they are growing. Sarah is 9 and Beka is 7. They are both doing great. We have chosen to put both girls in extra activities. Sarah is taking drum lessons and loves it. Her teacher asked her if she wanted to be in a band the second lesson. And, Beka is taking ballet lessons. She is having a great time learning to dance. Hey when you are done close the door!


Tanya said...

Love the new blog, now if I can get mom to start hers. I am excited about the pictures and all of the updates I can look at and read. This is such a good way to keep up with family. Myspace has kind of gotten old, I don't even really use it anymore, I just post my blog.
The kids are getting so big, I can't believe how old they are already, I still can't believe I have two young ones, man you and Rusty started early, jk.