Friday, December 5, 2008

Thankgiv'n Days

Just updat'n all who get a thrill out of know'n about things the nixon clan is do'n. Thanksgiv'n was all about food. No kidd'n uh. Every year we have Thanksgiv'n with Rusty's Parents and Grandparents (Nixon). The girls spent the day before Thanksgiv'n mak'n pies, cookies, and thaw'n out the turkey. Usually Thanksgiv'n day is when we all pitch in and cook the main meal.

As you can see the girls like to play in front of the camera. If not skat'n they are danc'n and yes ev'n fight'n too. They are just happy they are out of school and play'n it cool.

Thought I was going to get to make it to Grandma Asbury's for Thankgiv'n, but after eat'n lunch, I just couldn't see myself driv'n all the way over feeling so misserable and sleepy. So grandma please forgive me for not show'n up. Will make up for lost time next time.

That's pretty much it for now. Atleast until Christmas Holidays.

Happy Holidays to all.


Tanya said...

You mean you will not update but every holiday, jk. I don't think grandma will read this for the apology, oh well you tried. Can't wait for the next update.