Tuesday, January 6, 2009

McKenna Childrens Museum

So So So Much
Fun Fun Fun!!!!!!!
I guess I am a dirty.
They keep sticking
me in this sink and
laughing at me.
I will just amuse
them by smiling
right back.

This is a cave.
No kidding Bryce.
Hey just smile

for the camera
you two!

This was the catch
of the day.

The catch of the day, close up.
It isn't a fish at all. Yes It's ME
So So So FUN
I got to pet a Long Horn
Take a picture
with the San Marcos Press
Feed Chickens
Play with money (Fake)
Play doctor and nurse
Be an Astronaut
Paint a picture
Slobber on my fingers
Got a lot of attention
over my hat
See what i am talking about.
Isn't it cute?
Played in a bat cave
Took a boat ride
Bought lots of good groceries
Swung on a porch swing
Like I said it was lots of fun.
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niXon said...

Love it!!!! My baby girl is so precious. All of the kids look great, Autumn is giving us a funny look for putting her in the sink, how funny! I had so much fun that day and the kids did to.